Grant Leisure delivers broad experience in all facets of commercial real estate, land use, attractions development, and management consulting.

Treating Projects With A Disciplined Approach

We recognize that developers, public agencies, property owners, and investors must continuously conduct aggressive planning if they are to realize the full financial potential of their assets — which is why we adhere to the following principles:

Always Innovating

We push the limits of creating new value in tourism offerings that keep our visitors engaged in immersive, memorable experiences.

Considering Every Angle

We ensure our projects demonstrate that a development is both economically and environmentally viable, sustainable, and supported by a rigorous, credible business plan that is attractive to investors and operators.

Building The Right Team

We can enter a project at any stage and draw from our network of designers, architects, engineers, developers, and investors to customize teams of industry experts suited to the specific requirements of any project.

Sweating The Assets

We specialize in identifying revenue drivers for our projects, ensuring the highest and best use of all available resources — geared towards developing multiple income streams from capital cost investment in a single asset.

Achieving Critical Mass

We strive to coordinate entertainment offerings among existing and planned developments by focusing on enhancing connectivity, programmatic packaging, and investment in human capital and creative industries.

Our goal is to create self-sustaining development ecosystems that capitalize existing assets and encourage expansion, resulting in longer visitor length of stay and increased profits.

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Market Analysis

Grant Leisure assesses market support by evaluating overall market trends and growth in targeted markets. Available market support is determined by analyzing occupancy rates for hotels and condominiums, absorption rates and sales prices for real estate products, and utilization and revenue generated by attractions, support facilities, and amenities.

Consumer surveys, focus groups, and other market research techniques are used to test and refine demand estimates and market profiles.

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Development Planning

Grant Leisure works directly with architects, planners, engineers, and other professionals to achieve the optimum balance between economic planning and physical design, resulting in real estate products and creative development programs that are responsive to the market and financially viable.

Based on the identified target markets, competitive supply, location, and concept of the proposed project, we recommend an appropriate mix of units and amenities, sizing of attractions and accommodations, amount and type of facilities, requirements for food and beverage space, and phasing for the overall program.

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Financial Feasibility

Grant Leisure has created proprietary financial models for preparing cash flow and income projections, determining financial rates of return, and sensitivity testing of multi-use community development, income properties, and portfolio disposition programs.

Our feasibility studies cover a detailed analysis of the financial and operating performance of various real estate projects, notably:

Land Development

This model analyzes the feasibility of land development projects such as new towns, resort communities, residential developments, and industrial parks. The model derives operating profit for each land use and summarizes project performance with cash flow and income statements.

Income Properties

With this model it is possible to evaluate financial feasibility for any development combination of income-producing properties such as hotel, office, retail, and residential uses. Model users range from small investment syndicates to large development corporations.

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Funding Assistance

Grant Leisure identifies and evaluates acquisition and investment opportunities for our clients and provides assistance in purchase, sale, lease, and financing transaction negotiations.

We additionally reach out to our own network of investors and financiers to evaluate interest and make introductions.

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Operational Planning

Grant Leisure reviews performance, examines areas for expansion and revitalization, prepares pricing strategies and marketing programs, assists in operator selection and tenant negotiation, and evaluates financial restructuring and disposition alternatives.

Our services are bespoke to the needs of each project, though generally extend to the following areas:

  • Visitor circulation and services
  • Marketing and branding
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Development of operating manuals
  • Communications systems
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Turn Key Management

Clients profit from the opportunity to utilize Grant Leisure’s decades of operating experience and apply it to the policies and procedures that will become the operational foundation for their venture.

We recruit executive staff as needed and consult with the selected operating team as to best practices from Pre-Opening preparation through Grand Opening and beyond. Team members are reserved for 2 years following opening to monitor operations and make needed adjustments towards stabilization, phasing out responsibilities until the client is left with a self-sufficient operation.

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Explore Our Projects

We have logged over 2,500 projects throughout our 40 years in business. Our portfolio comprises our most notable achievements.

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I have been working with Grant Leisure for over 30 years and can personally testify to their unparalleled track record in translating creative concepts into feasible and profitable projects. They are our go-to resource when our projects and clients need a dose of reality.

Chris Mather
Chief Executive Officer

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