View of the Tower of London from across the water.

Tower of London

London, United Kingdom

Grant Leisure was retained by the Department of the Environment to improve income generation and provide operational planning for the Tower of London. Grant Leisure established a food service program, enhanced retail strategy, and developed the operating parameters that as of today have been implemented in all Royal Palace properties. Grant Leisure was also responsible for conducting a feasibility study for the relocation of the Royal Armouries to a satellite location. The vacant space left by the Royal Armouries became home for the Crown Jewels.


Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Believed to be constructed between 3000BC – 2000BC, Stonehenge's ring of standing stones are set within earthworks in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in the United Kingdom, including several hundred burial mounds. The purpose and construction of the site are shrouded in mystery, which brings tourists from all over the world to explore the monolith. Grant Leisure was commissioned to develop the operating program for Stonehenge’s latest visitor center.

Picture of Stonehenge in the evening.
Picture from the waterline of the Forth Bridge in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Forth Bridge

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

The Forth Railway Bridge is one of the latest global icons to achieve UNESCO World Heritage status. The bridge itself has been standing for over a century and is currently in the development phase of utilizing its North and South sides to include Visitor Centers and visitor attractions. The South side is to feature a guided walking tour on top of the bridge, while the North side is to offer a more expansive visitor center featuring luxury dining, 4K screening room, and elevator/viewing platform. Grant Leisure was commissioned to conduct a feasibility study and develop a marketing and sponsorship program for the visitor centers.

Palace of Westminster

London, United Kingdom

The Palace of Westminster is the meeting place of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Grant Leisure was commissioned by Black Rod, senior officer to the House of Lords, to develop the first-ever tour program for the Houses of Parliament. Grant Leisure was also responsible for arranging the option for guests to dine in the House of Commons – Members Dining Room after the tour. Following this historic programmatic change for the Houses of Parliament, many additional programs have since been set in motion to promote visitation to the Palace of Westminster.

Picture of the Houses of Parliament from across the water in London, United Kingdom.
Front facing view of Alnwick Castle from outside the castle gates in the United Kingdom.

Alnwick Castle

Alnwick, United Kingdom

Grant Leisure was commissioned by the Estates Management Company to provide a 10-year master plan and a development strategy for Alnwick Castle. The project was approved and the redevelopment was completed including a museum, food service, retail, and the “Knight Quest”, a self-contained edutainment attraction where participants have the opportunity to be “knighted” following successful completion of a series of challenges and tasks. Grant Leisure’s involvement tripled the castle’s income.

Welbeck Abbey

North Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom

Grant Leisure created a development and operational strategy for Welbeck Abbey, which involved converting the Abbey’s famous underground corridors into a public visitor attraction. The rest of the estate was reinterpreted as a venue for corporate hospitality and special events, which continues to be successfully implemented to date.

Front facing view of Welbeck Abbey in the United Kingdom.
Front facing picture of Spencer House in London, United Kingdom.

Spencer House

London, United Kingdom

Upon negotiating a 50-year lease, Jacob Rothschild received planning permission to relocate his offices into the bedrooms of Spencer House on the condition that he restore the house to its former glory. Grant Leisure was commissioned to assist the interior restoration team to ensure the house would be properly interpreted for guided tours, weddings, special events, and conferences. Grant Leisure additionally recruited staff and provided continued marketing and operational services, which transformed Spencer House into the very profitable and highly-sought venue currently existing in the London marketplace.

Blarney Castle

Ireland, United Kingdom

Grant Leisure was retained to increase annual visitation levels and restructure Blarney Castle’s management system, implementing a phased, market-led development plan for the castle and grounds. After conducting a feasibility study, Grant Leisure developed a new branding strategy and events program designed to encourage repeat visitation. Grant Leisure additionally integrated the estate’s facilities into a cohesive masterplan and implementation strategy that improved Blarney Castle’s financial performance, ensuring its preservation for years to come.

Picture of Blarney Castle from outside the castle gates in Ireland, United Kingdom.
Front facing picture of Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

Windsor Castle

Windsor, United Kingdom

Windsor Castle is most noted for its architecture and association with the Royal Family. Grant Leisure implemented a comprehensive market research strategy, resulting in the development of an entirely new pricing structure for Windsor Castle. This new pay-one-price precinct charge increased the castle’s income by 50%.

Leeds Castle

Kent, United Kingdom

Grant Leisure was formed as a consulting subsidiary while Principal Andy Grant was CEO of Leeds Castle in the 1980’s. Within a 3-year period under Mr. Grant’s direction, Leeds Castle became the third most visited stately home in the UK and earned more revenue than all other 400 English Heritage properties combined. This was accomplished through extensive market research, target marketing, special events and corporate hospitality programming.

Capital improvements carried out under Grant Leisure’s management consisted of the walking maze, Lady Bailey memorial aviary, extension to the Fairfax Hall, redeveloped golf course and clubhouse, renovated stable block into the Culpepper Conference Centre, and the first grotto developed in the UK in over 250 years.

Picture of Leeds Castle from across the water in Kent, United Kingdom.
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I have been working with Grant Leisure for over 30 years and can personally testify to their unparalleled track record in translating creative concepts into feasible and profitable projects. They are our go-to resource when our projects and clients need a dose of reality.

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