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Suzanne Mubarak Family Park

Suzanne Mubarak Family Park

Grant Leisure has recently sourced a major operating contract on behalf of ProFun Entertainment Management Group for the management of the Suzanne Mubarak Family Park in Egypt. Currently under construction on a 28-hectare site in the El-Tagamoa El-Khames area of greater Cairo, Egypt’s new Suzanne Mubarak Family Park is being developed by the Heliopolis Association, a large NGO dedicated to child development and education. Named for the head of the Heliopolis Association and Egypt’s First Lady, the park aims to “provide an engaging edutainment experience for Egyptian children and families through interactive programs, exhibits and special events that stimulate curiosity, creativity and life-long learning,” according to the project’s mission statement.

ProFun will be responsible for developing park strategies, including a phased pre-launch and launch strategy in anticipation of the park’s opening, slated for spring of 2010. The ProFun team will also conduct a thorough assessment of the park’s strategic business and financial plans, facilities, and economic assumptions established to date. Following these phases, ProFun will assume responsibility for managing the ongoing operations of the park.

“The Heliopolis Association has done outstanding work thus far on developing the park,” says Andy Grant. “We have every expectation that the project will be a great success, and we’re thrilled to be a part of the process.”

The park is envisioned as a “world class family edutainment venue offering enjoyable learning and discovery opportunities essential to inspire children, foster family cohesion and strengthen the sense of community.” It will feature, among many other attractions, a science center operated by Bibliotheca Alexandrina including a 3-D theater and amphitheater, an arts and technology center, nature exhibits, recreational rides, a small zoo, green areas, food and beverage, and a tram ride.